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Welcome to the interview.
Can you design a file-sharing service like Dropbox?
So what are the requirements?
Sure, let's begin with a few requirements:
* Upload and download files/photos from any device.
* Support automatic synchronization between devices.
* Store large files up to a GB.
Your Design
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    • Server
      • Database
Great job explaining the client's components and their functionalities in the system design. However, one area that still needs improvement is addressing the scalability and fault-tolerance aspects of the system. You can discuss strategies like horizontal scaling and load balancing to ensure the system can handle increasing user traffic and file storage demands. Additionally, mention replication and backup strategies to ensure fault-tolerance and data durability in case of hardware failures or other unforeseen issues.
— Sample iterative feedback
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  • Receive AI-Driven Feedback or Evaluation
  • Share Solution for Further Feedback
  • Repeat

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